Myself as a Learner

     A positive learning experience that I have had is my experience at my job over the summer. I work at Kings Island as a supervisor in the merchandise department. I am in charge of a team of about ten associates alongside two other supervisors. My job has taught me many skills that will transcend into my life in college and afterwards. Managing a team has taught me how to work and get along with people, even though we might not agree. I have learned a lot about being responsible- part of my job entails making sure my team meets goals set by my managers. If my team fails to meet those goals, then I must be held accountable. This includes finding a solution and improving our performance as a team.

A negative learning experience that I have had was during my senior year of high school. I decided that year to attend online school- a decision that I have grown to regret. When I was in high school, I could not rely on myself to make the right decisions and further myself with regards to my schoolwork. Going to online school did not provide the structure that I needed in order to succeed- and I struggled because of it. Although my experience that year was largely negative, I am glad that I can come out of it saying that I’ve learned a lesson about myself- I am better now at regulating myself and making sure that I can provide myself with the structure I know I need to succeed.

I plan on applying all the lessons I’ve learned about myself in the past couple of years to my experience in college. It will be hard sometimes, but as long as I keep myself in check, I know that I can succeed.


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